Thomas M. taylor     (developer)   Livingston Professional Center, L.L.C.

Thomas M. taylor  (developer) Livingston Professional Center, L.L.C.

A message from Mr. Taylor:

I’ve always been somewhat of a “car guy” but until recently work and family took priority over doing a project that would involve a hobby. The property location I own on Livingston Road has attracted several interested buyers over the past 10 years. I decided a year ago I didn’t want to sell it. Developing the property was what I really wanted to do. One of the prospective buyers wanted to do a high-quality auto storage facility, which I thought was quite interesting. After doing research I found that the Naples market really lacked a convenient place where auto collectors and enthusiasts could safely store their vehicles. That was one of the factors that kept me from building my own collection of cars. From there, the concept of Naples Motor Condos started, which allows buyers to own their individual units rather than renting.
I have developed a few properties in the Naples area since I moved here in 1984. I’m in the civil engineering business, so I decided to combine my professional knowledge with something I would enjoy – developing Naples Motor Condos. The project will be developed in two phases and eventually, it will have approximately 50 storage garages, each approximately 1,000 square feet or larger. Every owner will be able to store multiple vehicles. I look forward to moving this project to completion and I’m confident future owners at Naples Motor Condos will appreciate being able to own a secure place for their treasured vehicles.

Meet our Team:


Phil Pugh

Sales / Consulting


Hole Montes

Site Engineering


Waltbillig & Hood

General Contractor


James E. Boughton

Architect  AIA - LEED AP